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Welcome To Suncoast Martial Arts

Thank you for visiting the Suncoast Martial Arts website. Are you looking for martial arts or tai chi classes in St. Petersburg? We have Adult, Children, and afterschool programs as well as a fantastic summer camp! Click on any of our buttons at the top to see further details!

Throughout history many people have been looking for different ways to develop themselves mentally and physically. Some people have found that, through martial arts training, they were able to develop their full potential and as a result they could enjoy their lives to the fullest. In East Asia, over the centuries, hundreds of millions of people have greatly benefited their lives through the combined internal and external strength developed from the practice of Martial Arts. Many people practice martial arts for self-defense. Many more people throughout the world practice Moo Doe for health benefits that are difficult for them to find anywhere else. This is one of the main reasons that the practice of Moo Doe in East Asia has been held in high esteem throughout the centuries.

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